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Lake Success Living is a full-service property ownership and management company dedicated to providing a service-oriented, professional approach to single family home living. By utilizing high performing service teams and the latest technology we bring single family home living to a new level of standards. All of our homes are renovated to Lake Success's standard of excellence, and each one represents a great value for its location and rental price. Lake Success is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service and satisfaction to our tenants.

In each of our markets our homes are located in prime neighborhoods where you can enjoy living in a single family home beginning for as little as $900 a month. Think of it...your own backyard for barbeque's, a place for your kids to play, all without the burden of a large down payment, mortgage pressures, escalating property insurance, taxes or maintenance issues.

If you currently are leasing one of our homes, this site will help
you address a number of your needs right online. You can pay your
rent, request maintenance or renew a lease all from the comfort
of you Lake Success home.

Welcome to Lake Success Living...the new standard of
single family home living!

10/1/2013 - Lake Success Living Launches new website!          |

The economic difficulties of the past four to five years have diminished home ownership and generated a need for quality housing and the revitalization of neighbourhoods. Read More »          |

10/1/2013 - Lake Success Living Launches new website!          |